6 exciting themes to make your anniversary celebration happening

An anniversary is a special event in the life of any couple. It makes them remind the time of their union and many moments they have spent together. The moments that have brought joy and sorrow to the couple and make the relationship strong are much precious for every couple. It marks the completion of a milestone in the journey of marriage which is very special for each couple. The pleasure of sharing your joy with others is impeccable. It is a great idea to celebrate your special day with friends and family. Nowadays it is also a trend to celebrate anniversaries at different stages of marriage life. Anniversary celebrations can be fun as these days it is a trend to have theme parties. Themes make the celebration lively and full of spark.

Cake delivery for your party is possible on the same day of booking with the help of online shops. These cakes can be designed as per your design, or you can choose any of the design from the album of the makers. After all, an anniversary celebration without a cake is not a celebration at all.

If you are planning for a theme based anniversary party, here are few unique themes for the celebration that can help to have memorable moments.

  • Retro

Retro is one of the most common yet amazing themes for an anniversary celebration. Dressing up like the good old 70s is fun. You can relive the era and go down the memory lane with some retro music and dance. Ensure you have a retro decor which complements the theme.

  • Hawaiian

There is something very fascinating about the Hawaiian theme. The uber cool dressing, foot tapping music, and refreshing drinks make for the perfect ambiance. The colorful, breezy clothes add charm to the theme. You can also arrange for umbrellas, mocktails, and coconuts to make the theme look fully authentic.

  • Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the favorite themes for people. There is a scope for huge variety and experiment you can do here. From dressing up as your favorite movie character to arranging for props, there is so much you can do with Hollywood theme.

  • Famous power couples

Since it’s an anniversary party, you can also opt for a couple based themes. The famous/power couple theme gives your guests an opportunity to dress like renowned couples like Brad pit- Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian- Kanye West, Shakira- Gerard, Beyonce- Jay Z, Michelle- Barack Obama and the likes. You can also opt for any sports or political personalities.

  • Mask

The Mask theme is one of the best themes for an anniversary party. You can arrange for fancy masks which guests arriving for your party can choose from. There are mystery and charm in the mask theme, and if you are looking for something interesting, you can certainly go for it.

Now, it’s easy to get the anniversary cakes delivered at your doorstep. One can opt for customised cakes as well from the online shops which deliver across any location.

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