Easy Tips to Prolong Battery Power of Your Samsung Galaxy S III

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A smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S III offers many advantages, including technologically advanced features and user utilities. However, even a powerful phone as often suffers from a dead battery on the move. It becomes essential while traveling in order to maintain control over the extended battery usage. The trick is to work with the user interface to improve battery efficiency, customize the home screen and the like. You may also need Portable charger, get one from powerbank test.

Let’s learn some easy tips to extend your Samsung Galaxy S III battery.

Before you begin, you should remember that the tips mentioned here are useful when the battery is low. Applying the following tips continue in charge until you recharge or you find a convenient place to recharge.

Using the built-in option to save energy

The first step in saving power is to customize your phone settings in the power saving options. This mode will help you maximize the speed of your CPU to adjust the color of your applications and background programs and reduce the display illumination.

Choose a dark image from the home screen

Setting the profile for your home screen makes a lot of difference. If you choose to create an environment that requires a lot of bright colors, it is likely that the device will consume more battery. It is advisable to set the profile of your phone using darker colors. Activate a profile with darker background colors.

Another thing you can do is reduce the brightness. See how:

Settings> View-> Brightness, now increase the brightness of the screen. However, be sure to reduce the brightness to a level where you can still read and view the content on the screen.

Settings for display times

The Samsung Galaxy S III has a built-in motion detection that can detect whether you use the screen or not. If you do not look at the screen, the screen decreases. If you have not yet enabled this feature, you must enable it. In addition, you can also make adjustments to Screen timeout and the changes over time that will fall on the screen should not be used.

Disable programs

Often, the maximum power of the battery is consumed in extras, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, that remain active. It is advisable to switch off when not in use. The reason behind battery consumption is that they continue to analyze the connectivity options while you are on the road. While the device verifies the establishment of the connection, it is the battery power consumed.

Settings for on-screen display

If your screen is adorned with interactive scenarios and you have a fancy ring, the battery consumption is triggered. To build this battery, it is best to turn off and change the interactive wallpaper. As for the ring, keep it simple as the beeps instead of continuing to vibrate or sport like a musical sound.

After applying the above tips, you can also do more to save battery power.

Other options

  • If you want to save your battery, you can choose to download third-party battery backup applications. You can choose to download applications such as Advanced Task Killer. This will help you to check battery consumption and help you kill applications and programs that consume a maximum battery. Visit powerbank test for your portable charger.
  • Another third-party application called JuiceDefender is a free application that will help you increase the power of your Samsung Galaxy S III. You can even opt for an advanced version Pro can be purchased for $ 5.
  • Samsung Galaxy S III is a smartphone with an option to remove the battery. You can replace it with a larger official battery, for example, you can opt for the S III 3000 mAh battery provided by Samsung.

Applying the above tips will help extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy S III.

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