When you have the hobbies of photography and travel, you actually need nothing else to keep you preoccupied. Both of these hobbies are positive and creative. You can visit new places and when you have your camera with you, click pictures of new people and sights. You can proudly share your pictures with others or start a blog where you can share your experiences with your followers!

Traveling opens the doors of the mind

Michael Haddad is enthusiastic about traveling and photography. He is from the USA and says that he never misses the chance to travel. He says he has the dream to visit all the nations in the world during his lifetime. He makes sure that he takes his camera and he clicks pictures of the people he has met and the places he has visited. Photographs create ever- lasting memories of his trips and this is why he never misses the chance to take photos on his journeys.

The advantages of traveling for everyone

He says that when it comes to traveling, he loves to explore new places and meet people from different cultures from across the world. He says that though there are language barriers you get the chance to experience their warmth and hospitality. He also says that in places where he can converse with people, he gets the chance to learn about their ways of life and culture. This is very interesting and it educates him on the reality that people in the world are do different but they do welcome others into their lives!

An open mind and attitude develops

Traveling allows him to step out of his comfort zone and keep an open mind to the world around him. He says that there are many people who travel to unleash the best versions of themselves. He says when you travel you often rediscover yourself and become a better person in understanding life and people. At the same time he says that when you travel you get a taste of what it feels to be aware from home and so when you come back you value your bonds and relationships more!

Capturing the moments close to his heart

Photography has always been very close to his heart and so he loves capturing precious moments of his trips. He brings them back home as mementos and often goes through them remembering the different places he went to and the things he did there. He encourages people to travel and says that it might sound daunting at first but once you venture out alone, you will cherish the moments for the rest of your life fondly.

When it comes to photography and traveling, they go hand in hand for Michael Haddad. He says that if you really want to take great pictures, you do not need to be a professional photographer. The passion and love for the art is enough. You need a good camera and know how to operate it. The art is as simple as that he says!


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