Whether you plan to use them on the 4th of July, at a birthday party, or at your wedding, shopping for the right type of sparklers can be a lot trickier than you think. To complicate matters even more, there are hundreds of different brands, color, and lengths of sparklers sitting on store shelves these days, so the huge selection can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some clear choices for each type of holiday or event available; you just need to know what to look for before you start shopping.

 4th of July Sparklers

Shopping for sparklers for the 4th of July is probably the most difficult because most fireworks stores carry what they can get the cheapest. Most commonly, you’ll see 8” long sparklers available in gold, red, green, and blue or 36” long sparklers that are primarily sold in the color gold. If you want the most sparklers for your money, your best option is the 8” sparklers in the color of your choice. However, if you want younger children to enjoy the sparklers too, the 36” ones are a great option because they are far safer for kids to handle.

Wedding Sparklers

Shopping for wedding sparklers is a little bit easier, but there are still some things you’ll need to consider. First off, make sure that you find actual sparklers for weddings and not the cheaper sparklers that are intended for the 4th of July. They should be clearly labeled, packaged elegantly, and be gold in color with a metal handle. Wedding sparklers are supposed to be “smokeless”, and that’s the only way you can ensure they are the real deal. Sparklers for weddings are available in a variety of sizes, and the main difference is how long they burn. Just pay attention to the burn times for each size of wedding sparkler and you can make an educated decision based on your needs.

New Year’s Sparklers

Similar to wedding sparklers, you probably want your New Year’s Eve sparklers to be smokeless as well if you plan to use them indoors. When you’re shopping, look for sparklers that are gold in color and have a metal wire handle because they will not produce any smoke. If you’re having trouble finding them, you can always just buy wedding sparklers and use them for your celebration.

Birthday Sparklers

Depending on how you plan to use them, there are many different types of sparklers that are appropriate for a birthday party. If you want to hand out regular sparklers as a sort of party favor, pretty much any type will do provided that you plan to use them outdoors. If you plan to use sparklers as birthday candles, then you will want to buy the ones that are designed specifically for that purpose. They look like a small tube and have a food grade spike on the bottom so you can safely place them in the frosting without damaging the birthday cake.

By knowing how you want you them and what to look for when you’re shopping, finding the right type of sparklers for your party or event can be an easy job. I also suggest you get them from a reputable seller to ensure your celebration is as fun and exciting as possible.


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