So, you are all set for your vibrant Gujarati style wedding in Rajkot. You have booked a lavish hall, hired the most accomplished caterer and have asked your designer friend to create the best wedding trousseau for you. Your Sangeet will have the most fun filled ‘Garba’ your friends and relatives have ever seen.With everything in place, you seem confident about a perfect wedding. But have you taken any measure to preserve the moments which you are going to make with so much hard work? We are talking about your wedding photography. Oh! You have hired the guys from the corner studio to cover the event. Really? Will you be satisfied with mere photographs of you two and the attendees? Or, you would really want all the magical moments and emotions to be captured on films that can tell your beautiful wedding story?

Well, worry not. Here we have brought a list of the best candid wedding photographers in Rajkot whom you would love to hire.

Chetan Art: Chetan Art has been in the business of photography since 1952. Such huge experience has made this company master all kinds of professional photography. The photographers here are experts in capturing the fleeting moments and presenting them to their clientele in the form of beautiful stories. Their creativity and artistic vision create those imageries which their clients love to cherish for life.

Faith Design Lab: Siddharth and Jay at Faith Design Lab are classic examples of hobbyists turning into professionals. The duo eats, lives and breathes photography. They believe in getting candid with their subjects before shooting to get the most authentic expressions. They are never bored of the job and are as excited about each project as they were on their first day at work. They believe, photography is a blend of art and business, which they handle with equal ease.

Sherin Sam Photography: This company boasts of a team that is highly skilled and experienced. Their technical know-how on latest trends allows them to capture the most stunning photos that are a visual treat to many. Editing is their forte. Hence, you can expect your album to be of highest quality with each page telling a story. They also specialize in wedding cinematography.

Hatkesh Photo: Devarshi Pathak was compelled to take up photography when a senior photographer labeled him as a ‘non-artistic’ human being. In a bid to prove his mettle, he took up apprenticeship and coaching classes to learn the craft. However, he soon realized that the real teacher of photography is there in his surroundings – in the streets, people, nature and everything else. Today, after 20 long years in this industry, he heads a team of 15. Yet, he considers himself a student who strives to improve his craft every day.

Pooja Studio: The professionals at Pooja Studio are equipped with the latest equipment and sound technical knowledge, which they bring to their craft. Incredibly creative and dedicated towards their job, they create masterpieces on films which are worth treasuring. Their candid approach helps them in clicking the most precious moments, making them one of the best wedding photographers in Rajkot.


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