If you are a frequent traveler you must know how important it is to carry a proper luggage bag on every trip. Firstly, you have to incorporate all your important files, clothes, and other necessary things in a luggage and you have to carry it along with you. So there are lots of things to consider before buying a luggage. It is not a thing that you are going to buy every time you are on a trip. One solid suitcase can serve you for many years. Now the question is whether you should go for hard shell or soft shell luggage. You need to figure out your needs before you make a big purchase.

Durability: Durability is the most vital things that you have to check as you are going to put your valuable laptops, camera, electronic gadgets, and other heavy-weight stuff in the bag. Hard shell cases are perfect in case you want extra protection for the delicate items that you are carrying. It also helps to keep everything dry as its water resistant power is higher than soft shell cases. Consequently, hard shell luggage will help you keep your essentials clean which is again a big satisfaction. You may have to go through a muddy or snowy lane but in a hard shell luggage, your things will be protected.

On the other hand, soft shell luggage is susceptible to smell and strain. It easily absorbs water and it can make your clothes and gadgets wet. So if you are traveling in monsoon or a snowy day on a rugged path, it’s advisable to carry a hard shell luggage.

Two wheels or four wheels: Another biggest concern for the travelers is whether they should buy a luggage with two wheels or four wheels. Hard shell luggage mostly comes with four wheels and it is easier to carry in the airport and rail station even if it is slightly weighty than usual. However, you can also find soft shell bag with four wheels. There are several companies that offer four wheels luggage at an affordable price. You can check this site www.iflyluggage.com offering a plethora of options to make your journey comfortable.

Choose a colorful bag: You will get ample of color options in hard cases and choose a rare color so that you can spot your luggage at the airport among the dozens of bags. Soft shells also come in a variety of colors and you can pick anything you like. However, it is tough to maintain a light colored luggage which easily gets dirty in the pollution. So make sure to buy a vibrant color so that you can use it for a long time. Hard shell luggage gives you a chance to clean it with a wet cloth but the soft shell will absorb the moist and it will create an odor which is hard to tolerate.

Your luggage has to be accessible and that’s why many prefer soft shell bag over the hard shell. Make sure to choose a luggage with pockets on the front. It is convenient for keeping emergency items accessible.


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